50 Celebrities Who Married Ugly Spouses

We’ve all had a crush on a hot celebrity at some point, spent a couple of weeks fantasizing about marrying them and then laughed at ourselves for having such ridiculous thoughts. After all, our chances were as low as they could get, right? However, some regular people didn’t take no for an answer and somehow managed to win the hearts of celebrities that are way out of their league. But hey, maybe they have a nice personality…

1. Lorde and James Lowelorde

Dating one of the hottest stars in the music industry can’t be easy, especially when you’re not quite a Prince Charming. Unfortunately for James Lowe, getting thrust into the limelight was brutal, to say the least. Ever since it was revealed that the 24-year-old photographer was dating the teen Royals singer, James has been getting a lot of criticism. Many social media users have even called him “ugly” and made racist remarks about him. Both Lorde and James faced plenty of cyberbullying, especially on Twitter, and were forced to defend their relationship to the public on multiple occasions. Recently, James has addressed the criticism leveled at him on his blog, but mostly, he’s focused on his life with Lorde (whose real name is Ella) and how much he’s changed since they’ve gotten together.


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