11 Fast Food Deals That Look Like They Would Give You Diabetes

6. Pizza Hut’s Crown Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut's Crown Crust Pizza


It’s hamburgers! It’s pizza! It’s both!

Another food mash-up in recent years has been the Cheeseburger Pizza which is a hamburger with cheddar cheese on a pizza crust.

Maybe throw in a few tomatoes and whatnot and the end, it is an open-faced cheeseburger. But in 2012, the Middle East Pizza Huts did it one better with their Crown Crust Pizza. This culinary disaster features a pizza middle with small “cheeseburger gems” around the outside topped with lettuce, tomato and “special sauce.”

It a food mash-up packed with tons of calories … we think. Finding new stories about this creation is easy. Finding a calorie count is a lot harder. But trust us. You could do better.

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